If you don't have a beautiful water stream near your house, there's another method to harness water's therapeutical advantages: a garden fountain. It gives similar soothing characteristics and can significantly lift the vibe of your garden. Styles run from traditional towers to contemporary spheres, and a fountain’s design captures more than aesthetics. The architect decides how the water flows and the music it makes, from a sprinkling that whips out street noise to a bubbling that provides a subtle background score to patio conversation.

The soothing sound of flowing water has long been a feature of celebrated gardens around the world. A garden fountain is the perfect finishing touch to enhance the beauty of your space. Our fountain design adds a Zen look, while the relaxing, gentle water falling helps to bring in a natural element.

Floral Acres offers a huge selection of unique, water fountains for outdoor use. We provide the installation and servicing too as water won't flow properly from a fountain that isn't level, and you can't expect it to stay that way if you place it on a patch of turf. Because we are locally own and operated management is onsite and oversees all orders, installation and deliveries. We provide service on fountains purchased from us.

We accept returns for store credit on unused items returned in initial new condition. We are open 7 days a week during our cool months (October through July) and 6 days during the summer heat (July through mid-October). We stand behind our products and services and strive to surpass your expectations. We are leaders in our industries and we believe that after you visit us you will agree and become a “Raving Fan”.

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