Imagine this; It’s an early spring day, and the sun is finally peeking out from the clouds following a long beautiful day. As you ready your outdoor space for the coming season, you’ll rediscover all your mythic mermaid treasures, and even more, you’ll share them with the entire neighborhood. Hang a darling mermaid hook, put out your sweet mermaid monument for all to admire, and welcome the many hot, breezy nights to come. With the perfect outdoor beach decor, the possibilities are endless!

Our selection of Mermaid Garden Decor is sure to delight anyone who loves water. Check out some of our popular items including the Boat carrying mermaid, or the Antique Green Cast Iron Mermaid figurine.

We provide future services on items that are purchased from us. No other company provides an all inclusive fountain service like us when they buy online. If our customers want to get a fountain installed or serviced, it will cost them a few dollars more as we will hire a fountain expert for them. It is advised that you buy products from us as we provide various services under one roof. A fountain is a long term investment and dealing with long term local ownership is our greatest asset

We accept returns for store credit on unused items returned in initial new condition. We are open 7 days a week during our cool months (October through July) and 6 days during the summer heat (July through mid-October). We stand behind our products and services and strive to surpass your expectations. We are leaders in our industries and we believe that after you visit us you will agree and become a “Raving Fan”.

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